An Appreciation: Joan Rivers

Brilliant. Tasteless. Fearless. Trailblazer. Unapologetic. Genius.

We at Screaming Back at the Screen love to laugh. Here at our headquarters, we try to do it as loudly and as often as possible. And our loudest, most obnoxious and annoying laughs are always prompted by our favorite kind of comedy: snarky, sarcastic, tasteless, politically incorrect and delivered with great timing and a huge punch. Continue reading

The Case Against 8: Marriage for everyone? Yes please!

case.8.logoThe opposition has nothing to stand on, the Gays win the day and California leads the country forward… again

Screaming Back at the Screen is a HUGE fan of marriage equality because we LOVE our tremendously enthusiastic gay fan base (ok… so it’s really just a couple of our gay friends but that’s a mere technicality).

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Mad Men: To Groovy L.A. and beyond!

Mad Men takes the left coast by storm and L.A. finally gets her close-up

Screaming Back at the Screen has been a HUGE fan of Mad Men since its impressive debut in 2007. And the reasons are many: great writing, great acting, stunning attention to detail in regards to the period costumes, sets and props,  historical accuracy of the storylines, and of course, Jon Hamm is very hot and never ever bad to look at. Continue reading

Jackson Pollock’s Mural: The BIG show

It’s only in Los Angeles one more week. See it now!

Jackson Pollock’s Mural is a beautiful, modern piece to behold. It’s big, bright, colorful, vibrant and in your face. It can’t be missed and, while at the Getty until June 1, it shouldn’t be.

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Sitting with an American icon: Meeting Rosa Parks at Louise’s kitchen table


Mrs. Parks as I remember her from my childhood.

Mrs. Parks as I remember her from my childhood.

When I was much younger, just barely aged into the very low two digits, I had a chance meeting with a revered figure of American history. At the time, I didn’t realize the significance of who I was meeting. Now that I am older, I realize that, aside from my mother, she was the most important person I have ever met.

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Jackson Pollack’s ‘Mural’ now on display at the Getty

The first work of the artist’s most prolific period

Jackson Pollock’s masterpiece, Mural, is now on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles through June 1, 2014.

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Does the fashion industry know that seasonal collections are pointless? Probably not…

An article published today by the New York Observer about the fashion industry raises the primary point that the more haute end of the industry should end their practice of presenting seasonal collections because they don’t realize that consumers don’t need or buy clothing based on the season; only their retail customers do.

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