An appreciation: At the Movies

Siskel & Ebert’s balcony closes for the final time

Siskel & Ebert

This week’s episode of At the Movies was the last of the series that premiered 35 years ago, originally hosted by Roger Ebert and the late Gene Siskel.

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Retro review: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

  • Director: Russ Meyer
  • Writer: Roger Ebert

Time for a quick cinema pop quiz. What do you get when you cross all of these: a tale of young women trying to break into show business; lots of references to ‘60s and ‘70s culture including pot smoking, free sex and scantily-clad women showing lots of boobs; a noted director of X-rated movies, and a script authored by a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, five years before the Pulitzer showed up on his doorstep? The answer to this riddle is the  trainwreck called “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.” Continue reading