Sarah Palin’s Alaska ** Next stop, Washington?

Love her or loathe her, Sarah Palin knows how to sell her favorite product: herself

Photo: TLC

“How come we can’t ever be satisfied with tranquility and serenity?” asks Sarah Palin in the opening of her new reality show on TLC. Well, Governor Palin, tranquility and serenity never won anyone the presidency of the United States.

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“Life” ** The Discovery Channel

Episode one: Challenges of Life
Episode two: Mammals

Review of two of 11 parts

Life ** The Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel has made a name and well-earned reputation for itself in presenting some of the most entertaining, admired and sometimes astonishing programs currently available on cable television. With their latest series, “Life”, they have created a series that is, at the least, educational, and the most, stunning to the point where it will leave viewers saying, “How did they get that on film?”

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