32 Years Later, Vanessa Williams Returns to the Miss America Pageant

Letting bygones be bygones, she does them a real solid with her appearance. Maybe now they’ll get some interest… and some ratings.

UPDATE September 13, 2015 — Former Miss America Vanessa Williams received an onstage apology from Miss America CEO Sam Haskell.

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The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards**An oxymoron

The worst show on television honors its best

Another Emmy Awards show has come and gone and, frankly, it didn’t go fast enough. 

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Sports: The Little League World Series

The pinnacle for the real boys of summer

Normally I don’t write about sports; I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to write authoritatively. But today, I make an exception for the one sporting event that catches my attention at this time every year: the Little League World Series. Continue reading

The Bachelorette**The man that got away

She lets her desperation and heartbreak show

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

Every so often, a television show will come along that is the equivalent of a car wreck on the side of the freeway: awful to look at yet so compelling that I just can’t look away. So it is with The Bachelorette. I have not been a regular viewer of this show but I decided to partake of the current rotation and got stuck with the blubbering mess named Ali Fedotowsky. Continue reading