Does the fashion industry know that seasonal collections are pointless? Probably not…

An article published today by the New York Observer about the fashion industry raises the primary point that the more haute end of the industry should end their practice of presenting seasonal collections because they don’t realize that consumers don’t need or buy clothing based on the season; only their retail customers do.

I consider the economic contributions of the fashion industry vital to our economy even though those who see me on a regular basis know I am no clotheshorse. But regular people/ average consumers (like myself) will purchase what is needed, liked, cute, on sale, etc. at the mall or online at a greatly reduced price regardless of the designated season of the garment. And as writer Kim Velsey points out, wealthy consumers don’t need seasonal clothing since they can avoid the seasons they don’t like by merely changing their locale.

Not surprisingly, the fashion industry is as clueless about the seasonal wardrobe change as it has been about where their money really comes from since it seems these couture designers really design for themselves and the models that they dress. That’s been my conclusion for years since the haute couture end of the business doesn’t manufacture with me or most American women in mind anyway because a lot of us are size 14 and up and the models they dress are size 0 or less; if you have any doubts, check out the snarky comments by some of the designers on Project Runway.  (Women size 14+ have been designated as “plus size” when the reality is that we are what I would prefer to label as “regular size” and the models should really be labeled as “freakingly minus sized” but I digress…)

Anyway, as one who shed her last seasonal garment years ago when I moved from the east coast, I agree with Kim Velsey when she says that dressing for the seasons now is merely a charade and probably a tradition that the fashion industry feels necessary to sustain in order to sustain the bottom line.


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