UPDATE: New Life for Tim?

HBO lets Tim live his awkward life again


UPDATE: Underrated fan favorite The Life & Times of Tim has been resurrected by pay network HBO for another 10-episode season.

After its initial cancellation, production company MRC/Good Humor TV shopped the series around to animation outlet Adult Swim, TBS and Comedy Central.

There’s no word yet when new episodes will air.

The show follows the hapless Tim who, along with a motley crew including girlfriend Amy, friends Stu and Rodney, his boss and co-workers at a mega-corporation, and neighborhood prostitute Debbie, falls into one incredibly awkward adventure after another.

Tim is not alone in returning from the animation graveyard. The precedent was set by fan favorites Family Guy and Futurama, both of whom found new life after being canceled by the Fox network the first time around.


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